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Enercon Industries Corporation

W140 N9572 Fountain Blvd.
US-WI 53051 Menomonee Falls
+1 262 255 6070
+1 262 255 7784
Company description
Enercon is the world's leading manufacturer of surface treating systems and associated support equipment. Companies in the printing, coating, laminating and extruding industries rely on Enercon to provide surface treating solutions that improve adhesion on a variety of substrates.
Enercon’s wide range of equipment includes corona, atmospheric plasma, flame and ozone treaters. They offer complimentary lab testing to ensure the right technology for your application.

New technical paper on determining which surface treatment technology is best for specific applications

29.04.2021 The converting industry relies on surface treatment to improve the adhesion of engineered films and foils that would otherwise be unreceptive to bonding with inks, coatings, and adhesives. However, many companies want to know which technology is the best of them all.
Nordmeccanica, Dow and Enercon

New technical paper on solventless laminating best practices

13.01.2021 A new technical paper on solventless laminating takes a holistic approach to the process for optimising adhesion and productivity.

Power supplies with artificial intelligence enable remote support

04.09.2020 Enercon’s (Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin) newest power supplies provide converters and extruders with multiple options for remote support. And with travel more limited these days, this is an important feature to ensure uptime.

Corona treaters help visionary ePac disrupt flexible packaging marketplace

15.07.2020 To disrupt an industry, you first need to understand how it works, find the opportunity gap, and then commit to filling it with purpose. The visionary team of ePac Flexible Packaging is well on its way of creating a new business model that provides brands of all sizes with access to high quality, custom flexible packaging.

New technical paper on proper dyne testing methods to support corona treating operations

24.04.2020 Converters and film extruders rely on dyne measurements to reveal what their eyes cannot see: changes in a film’s surface energy after corona treating.