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FMS Force Measuring Systems

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CH-8154 Oberglatt
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Company description
FMS Force Measuring Systems is the market leader in the field of web tension measurement, control and specialist for web guiding solutions.

Our in house developed products are used in the manufacturing industry, converting, metals, paper, textiles, as well as in cable and wire rope production. Utilizing the latest technology, high-quality components and a firm understanding of customer applications, FMS supports customers worldwide in the effort to maximize the productivity of their machines. Since 1993, our highly qualified employees have been creating high-end solutions for machine builders and plant operators. As an owner-managed company, we pride ourselves on being personal and approachable with the ability to make decisive moves fast.

Web Tension Measurement // FMS has been producing force sensors and measuring amplifiers for the industry for more than 25 years. FMS has succeeded in creating a unique portfolio with innovative developments. Due to their long service life and their sophisticated design, they have become a reputable product. From the first analog measuring amplifier EMGZ 306 (which is still produced today with a few revisions along the way) to the latest generation of devices with connection to Fieldbus and Ethernet networks, FMS has delivered countless numbers of measuring amplifiers all over the world.

Web Guiding // FMS web guides detect the position of the material with web guide sensors, calculate the deviation from the reference position, and maintain the material at the required position with a steering frame actuator.

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Head office:
Oberglatt, Zürich, Schweiz
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Sales UK:
Sertan Osman
Sales Manager / Business Development

Tel. +44 1767 221 303
Mobil +44 7864 647 977
Sales Americas:
Steven Leibold
Director of Sales

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Sales Asia & Middle East, Africa, Russia :
Roger Hausy
Sales Manager / Business Development

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Sales Italy:
Riccardo Treccani
Sales Manager / Business Development

Tel. +39 02 39487035
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FMS Force Measuring Systems AG

Dual range load cells for Emerson & Renwick

22.06.2021 The area of Accrington in the UK is well known for the production of the hardest and densest bricks in the world, the Accrington NORI, which were actually used for the substructure of the Empire State Building. In this very same area Emerson & Renwick, who has a history spanning over 100 years has grown to be a formidable force in the converting industry and specialises in the manufacture of machinery for coating, laminating, wallcovering and automotive industries.
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG

Coating – Up to 40 measuring points along one roller

06.05.2021 With up to 40 measuring points across the web width, the FMS-segFORCE measuring roller provides a very high resolution of tension values. These are the best prerequisites for processing very sensitive materials or processes with higher requirements (process data acquisition, digital roll protocol, Industry 4.0).

Focus on slitter-rewinders – do you know the winding tension of all of your single rolls?

30.03.2021 The segFORCE measuring roller from FMS Force Measuring Systems AG (Oberglatt, Switzerland) offers producers and machinery suppliers in the converting industry the possibility to precisely measure the web tension of individual slit webs.
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG

Weighing systems for paint and ink

24.02.2021 For years, FMS has been supplying innovative, precise and durable components for tension measurement/control and guiding systems to manufacturers of web-based products.

Everything by a single scan with the QR Code portal

11.11.2020 The application possibilities of QR codes have increased significantly in recent years Especially with the widespread use of smartphones and a worldwide data network, QR-Codes are seemingly everywhere. FMS Force Measuring Systems AG (Oberglatt, Switzerland) is also relying on the little helpers to provide additional help with the installation, machine commissioning and maintenance (or spares needs) of its own products.