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ABB AB, Force Measurement

Tvärleden 2
SE-72159 Västeras
+46 21 325000
+46 21 340005
Company description
ABB’s load cells, based on the Pressductor® Technology, have proven their superior performance in heavy-duty applications in paper and metal industries for more than 40 years. These high quality load cells also deliver all the benefits of reliable paper & web tension measurement. The Pressductor Radial Tensiometer Load Cells are ideal for applications on a wide range of web processing machinery used in the converting, printing, plastic film, textiles and other industries. The PRT load cells rely on magneto-elastic changes in the transducer, not on physical movement, to sense fluctuations in web tension. This operating principle is one key reason for success. Furthermore, since the magnetic flux takes place inside a steel core, environmental factors do not degrade performance and reliability.