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PrintConcept Grafische Maschinen GmbH

Philipp-Jakob-Manz-Str. 18
DE-72664 Kohlberg
+49 7025 84330 0
+49 7025 84330 40
Company description
Doyle - Vacuum Cleaning Systems: The multimodular direct contact system cleans the substrate and cutting edges very efficiently by a constant and steplessly variable vacuum. Applicable for paper, cardboard and corrugated board. Working widths up to 9.500 mm and web speeds up to 2.900 m/min.
Polymag Tek – Web Cleaning by means of elastomer rolls: Cleaning of sensitive surfaces like film and foils. Next to the Graphic Arts Industry it is used for cleaning of curcuit boards, LCDs and all kind of special applications. Working widths up to 7.600 mm and web speeds up to 450 m/min.