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Sensory Analytics (SpecMetrix Systems)

The Sensory Building, 405 Pomona Drive
US-27407 Greensboro
001 336-315-6090
001 336-315-6030
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Company description
Sensory Analytics is the supplier of award-winning SpecMetrix coating thickness and film layer measurement systems for in-line and off-line use. SpecMetrix systems reduce costs and improve process control and product quality at leading manufacturers and suppliers of film, foil, coated and converted products. SpecMetrix systems deliver highly accurate absolute coating thickness data in real-time from sub-micron levels to total thickness results. SpecMetrix systems are used on pilot and production lines for window films, optical films, flexible packaging, electronics, adhesives, medical devices and automotive markets.

Contact person

Greg Frisby
Global Industry Manager

Tel. 001 336-315-6090