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Valco Melton Europe HQ

Pol. Industrial Agustinos, calle G, n.34
ES-31160 Orkoien
+34 948 321 580
+34 948 326 584
Company description
Valco Melton is one of the world's leaders in adhesive dispensing machinery, vision inspection and electronic monitoring systems for quality assurance, from box manufacturing to making baby diapers, from woodworking to coating and laminating. Combined with unparalleled technical service and global support, Valco Melton provides over 76 countries worldwide. 
Few companies can boast the knowledge, trust, and experience that Valco Melton has acquired by working on special projects in coating applications. Specific solutions include a range of applicators to cover any coating and laminating requirement. From standard applicators with multiple adhesive inputs to metering hads for improved adhesive distribution across the substrate width, applicators with interchangeable blades for rotating bar, continuous or intermittent applications, or sophisticated dies with automatic width adjustment through stepper motor. A selection of pre-melters (drum unloaders or extruders), buffer tanks, and melters is available for all melting needs. Accessories include flow meters, static mixers, remote pumping stations and smart controls.