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Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH Division Vorwald

Iburger Straße 225
DE-49082 Osnabrück
+49 541 505 46 0
+49 541 505 46 10
Company description
Neuenhauser-Vorwald is the leading manufacturer of expansion units with the most extensive product range in the world for all winding and rewind applications. This includes expansion, winding, friction and knife shafts, shafts for crush cutting and winding mandrels and for shaftless applications the expansion chucks, adaptors and cantilever shafts.
All these products are available in either pneum. or mechan. operation or a combination of both. Core diameters can be expanded from ½ “ to 600 mm. For heavy shafts the shaft pullers (manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic) can be supplied. Detailed information under Neuenhauser-Vorwald.