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Double E International, LLC

Vertriebsbüro Deutschland
Franz-Lenz-Strasse 12E
DE-49084 Osnabrück
+49 (0)541/50626-0
+49 (0)541/50626-29
Company description
Double E is a full-scale supplier of components for web handling and winding. The company has direct offices in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. The product assortment includes everything from core chucks and lightweight core shafts to carbon fiber idler rollers and tube cutters.
Double E furnishes expanding air lug shafts and adapter chucks, external element (strip) shafts, differential rewinding shafts, lightweight carbon fibre shafts, and mechanical shafts for high-speed or heavyweight applications. Double E offers pneumatic and electromagnetic brakes, web guiding systems, tension control systems and web monitoring/inspection systems.